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You should use a router if you want to connect with the internet always. There is no way to keep you away without the internet. Most of the business are connected with the internet and many businesses are developed based on the internet. This is why many users use smartphone and tablett PCs as if they can use the internet on those devices and they can remain connected with the internet for 24/7 at a cheap price. There is no any best way to use the internet than the Wi-Fi. For the Wi-Fi internet, you can use the internet on multiple devices at the same time. For using Wi-Fi at your home or office, you need to use a router.
Now all of the users or administrators should configure the device and later the administrator can setup settings. Reading router manual and other papers play a vital role in completing all tasks properly. In the manual and papers, all manufacturers give necessary instructions and manufacture use easy language. So, the administrator will not face any problem. The device should be configured first and later the setting setup will come. If the administrator read the router manual and all instructions properly, then it will be easier for him to solve all of the issues.
I hope that you have read the router manual and all papers and you are ready for the configuration the router. If you have bought a router from a popular brand, then you will get all necessary things in the box. For the configuration of the device, you need the Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable can connect the router to the computer. Some routers let use an application as if you can setup the settings by the Wi-Fi or wireless mode. But most of the routers provide Ethernet cable. Add the power adapter with the router and give power supply to the router.
Now settings in the router are important and you should setup the device. If you read the reading the instructions, then you need to collect the default IP address, username and password. You should use a browser and on the browser address bar you need to type the IP address If you get the IP address in Buffalo routers. This is very popular router. You have to press the Enter button after typing the IP address on the browser. If the IP address is correct, then you will get the login form and you can use the username and password. After using all default data on the form of the browser, press the enter button and login to the device.
After login to the router, you have to think of the settings and you have to setup internet first. You have to add the internet cable with the router and then you should setup the internet connection internally. For the internal settings, you should use the Wizard tool. This tool is a safe tool and this tool saves your time. This tool lets you set up the internet internally step by step. You have to use some information step by step and click next button when one step task is done. Thus, you should fill up all of the forms and complete the setup.
Wizard tool is the best thing for setup internally but in many cases, you may need to setup settings manually. Wizard tool saves time but if you want to set up setting manually, then you have spent more time and you have to be an expert. Make sure that you have experience of using Wizard tool and you read the router manually. However, in few cases, you need to setup the manual setting but for general settings you should use Wizard tool.
You have to setup settings for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi security settings are very important. In those cases, you have to setup settings manually. When you use wizard tool, then you will get everything off the Wi-Fi securities but for giving proper Wi-Fi security, you should use setup setting manually. For Wi-Fi security, you will get many things what you need to setup. Encrypted security is the best and most important security what you cannot ignore. If you use this security feature, then it is not very easy to hack. You have to confirm the best security for Wi-Fi and for this reason, you should enable other features what give security for Wi-Fi.
In a router, you will get various options for Wi-Fi security and you should enable all of the features for securing the Wi-Fi in every way. You need to use a strong password for Wi-Fi and you should build such password. If you cannot build such password, then you can use password generator tool what are available online. You can use those tool for making a hard password quick. MAC filtering method is another best way to securing the Wi-Fi. Change the default username and password for the router setting secured.
You should know about the troubleshooting and know how to solve the IP address confliction problem. IP address confliction problem is a problem which does not let you use the internet. Those IP addresses will block devices to use Wi-Fi. In the same network, when same IP address is installed in multiple devices, then the IP address confliction problem happen and you cannot use Wi-Fi. The solution of the IP address confliction mistake is changing the default IP address. You need to use different and unique IP addresses in all of those devices.
On every networking device, you will get a reset button what you may need to use. This button is very useful. You should study more about this button of your router/networking device. If press the reset button for 15 to 20 seconds, then the device will be reset. If your router has a problem with the settings, then all problems will be solved fast. You must enjoy this button if you read the router manual properly. In the router troubleshooting chapter of the router manual, you will get many solutions of the router and Wi-Fi problems which can be fixed easily.
You should more study if you fix any problem of the router and Wi-Fi by yourself. You can visit different websites and blogs to know more information of the router. You can learn many things from the YouTube.com site. From the manufacturer website, you can learn more information quick. If you find that the router contains hardware problem, then you should fix the device and this is why you should take the device to the vendor to fix the hardware related problem. The device may get changed if it is validated for the warranty period.